Hi! Hello! We're so glad you've taken a moment to read this. Our packaging journey has been ongoing and we're proud of where we've landed, though we know we aren't perfect and will continue to learn and improve as time goes on. It was important to us from the moment of our brand's conception that our impact on the environment was minimal, as such our first few orders went out (to friends and family) in compostable bags with no tags, no wrapping, nada.

We couldn't justify purchasing virgin materials solely for this purpose, and while we cringe at the customer experience we created when we look back, we meant well. Our pieces were arriving twisted and crumpled, and this isn't a nice way to receive your lovely new handmade garments, so we reconsidered and we researched. In time we found Ecocern - a company making 100% post consumer recycled paper products - and we had our solution.

Fast forward to now - all of our paper (swing tags, packing slips, wrapping paper) are 100% post consumer recycled and printed with non toxic inks, tied with natural jute string, and shipped in the best shipping bags we could find in Australia. All of these are HOME compostable (our shipping bags are even certified as both home and commercially compostable) and we urge you to follow through on your end by reminding you of this on our swing tags and packing slips.

If you don't have a compost, cut or rip up the larger pieces and pop all of it in your green bin! Ideally you will find some use for these materials prior to disposing of them (our shipping bags even have two adhesive strips so you can use them again super easily) because reusing is always preferable to recycling. Speaking of recycling, any of the larger pieces of paper can be recycled if you prefer.

So we're feeling good! We're yet to find an alternative to printing packing slips, though. From the time you order we have a process we follow to that we ensure we cut, sew and deliver the correct pieces, and because there are so many moving parts we use these slips to help us. We've tried using a whiteboard, laptops and our mobile phones, but with our increased order volume these get confusing quickly. We're hoping to scratch that in time if we can.

We're also committed to re-evaluating each part of our processes as we learn and improve. 

hero packaging