fabric (and other materials)


TENCEL™ Modal - 90% tencel/10% elastane (230gsm)

TENCEL™ French Terry - 95% tencel/5% elastane (370gsm)

TENCEL™ Ribbing - 65% tencel/22% nylon/5% elastane (418gsm)

tl;dr: You can read more at the links above, but basically - Lenzing's TENCEL™ fibres are produced in a closed loop system, made from naturally irrigated plantations on non-arable land - making them as sustainable as you can get! Fabric is milled by Melbourne Textile Knitting Co (who are also accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia!).


90% nylon/10% elastane. Sourced from M Recht and Booby Traps.


The softest, most inoffensive labels I could find: recycled polyester satin. Sourced from Ted and Toot.


Rings, sliders, clasps etc are sourced from Booby Traps and the Bra Makers Supply store.


I use only low impact fibre reactive dye, soda ash and glauber salt when dyeing. Due to the way the dye bonds to the fabric (covalent bonding) the majority of the dye absorbs into the fabric. So there’s far less excess dye than traditional direct dyes and therefore very little waste water created, and far less water usage in general. Sourced from Kraftkolour.


I use Coats threads across the range, and these are made from a combination of nylon and polyester. It was one of many decisions I've had to make and I chose longevity over compost-ability here, as I'm using elastane and elastic in my garments as it is.

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