We've designed our garments and chosen our fabric with a lot of care, to make them truly comfortable, sustainable, and

– something very important to us –

long lasting.

The majority of our fabric (70% of the outer fabric and 100% of the gusset) is made from bamboo, so let’s start there. Bamboo is quickly becoming a favourite fabric amongst consumers, and with good reason. Not only is bamboo fabric highly absorbent, anti microbial and hypo allergenic, it’s also incredibly soft (fabric softeners are not necessary), super breathable, resistant to pilling and much better for the planet than other materials. 

Bamboo is an extremely fast growing grass, requiring very little time and resources to grow very tall. It also continues to grow after it’s cut, making it a renewable and sustainable resource. It also regenerates naturally through an extensive root system that sends out an average of four to six new shoots per year. If there is sufficient rainfall, no additional irrigation is required. Pesticides and fungicides are not needed as it is highly resistant to insects and pathogens, which is better for the environment where the bamboo is being grown, for the workers who are harvesting the crops, and for you! As you can see, an all round star.

Organic cotton (comprising 20% of our outer fabric) is far better than conventional cotton. It is produced without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilisers or pesticides, that are harmful to the planet and to human and animal life. The organic cotton industry also doesn’t use genetically modified plants – encouraging biodiversity.

Our elastane component (10% of the outer fabric) is purely functional. Elastane (spandex) is a fibre with incredible strength and elasticity, known for its ability to return to its original shape after stretching, and for its fast drying time. The small percentage of elastane in our garments gives them a longer life (they won’t lose their shape for a long time), a more comfortable fit, and more flexibility – so if your weight fluctuates slightly you won’t need to purchase a different size.

Our fabric blend combines the softness, absorbency and skin and earth loving attributes of bamboo, the strength and durability of organic cotton, and the comfort, fit and flexibility of elastane. We also use a 100% bamboo gusset in our briefs to provide maximum breathability and absorption.

Our fabric meets the Organic Content Standard and Oeko-Tex Standard 100.