Hi, I’m Charada. I’m one half of Jackfruit the label. The other half is my mum! You might think we’re crazy for going into business together, but I think we’d have been crazy not to. My mum taught me most of what I know before I can even remember learning it, and she’s taught me the rest along the way. We've come together to launch Jackfruit the label after becoming aware of (and disillusioned by) the truth about the fast fashion industry, and inspired by the slow fashion movement. I’ve dabbled in many things in my life, and I love that all of them have led me right back here – to a home studio, sewing alongside my mum.

I’m a bit of a mixed bag, but what runs deepest beneath it all is that I care. I care so much, about so many things. I’m excited for this business venture, about making beautiful garments that I love and then sending them out into the world, scared about what the future holds for this planet we call home, and worried about all the creatures living here that can’t speak up for themselves. I want to contribute and do everything in my personal power to help. I’ll be handling emails and social media, so you’ll get to know me better as time goes on. In the meantime I would love to hear from you, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or just to say hi. 


lalika co founder of jackfruit the label

With more than 40 years experience in the textiles industry (and beyond) Lilika is the technical mind behind our designs. She brings a whole lot of knowledge and expertise to the table, and she creates our patterns – bringing our ideas to life. It’s one thing to draw a picture of a garment you would like to make, it’s another thing to turn that picture into a functional garment.

 Lilika has many passions, and has dabbled in various creative enterprises over the years, from fashion and costume design (and construction), to puppetry, fabric dyeing and screen printing, tailoring, corsetry, bridal and even hat making (what a woman, am I right?!). She enjoys creating, time in nature, growing her own food, and working towards a sustainable future. Lilika has an open mind and some bangin’ ideas. Some of which might be making their way to your wardrobe as you read this.

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