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Hello, hiii, I’m Charada. I launched Jackfruit alongside my mum in 2019, after being inspired by the slow fashion and body positive movements. My mum (a life long student and seamstress for 40+ years) taught me most of what I know about sewing before I can even remember learning it, and she’s taught me the rest along the way.

I’m a bit of a mixed bag, but what runs deepest is that I care. A lot. I’m excited about making comfy, pretty garments and sending them out into the world, concerned about what the future holds for this planet we call home, and also absolutely in awe of it. What a miracle, right?!

I'm queer and neurodivergent. I love music, cooking (and eating) amazing vegan food, gardening, nature, hiking... but I also love good movies and tv shows, good booze, and a good boogie. I enjoy nerding out on anything that interests me and I'm totally addicted to audiobooks.

I've been a makeup artist, activist, blogger (I've worked more jobs than I can count) and I love that all of it led me right back here – to a home studio, spending my days using my hands, being creative, and doing what I love. I found a way that suits me well to contribute to the world I want to live in, and I highly encourage you to do the same if you're in as privileged a position as I am. It's not easy running a small business, but I feel very lucky to be able to do it.

Jackfruit is just me for the moment - mum has retired - so from designs and sewing, to packing and emails, it's all me. Please understand that if I'm not immediately available or your order is taking a little longer than expected I'm probably juggling a few things. I love hearing from our customers though, so feel free to drop me a DM anytime!

Get to know more about Jackfruit here or see our FAQs.

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