Meet the Maker

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Hello, hiii, I’m Charada. I launched Jackfruit alongside my mum - Lilika - in 2019, after becoming aware of (and disillusioned by) the truth about the fast fashion industry and inspired by the slow fashion movement. My mum (a life long student and seamstress for 40+ years) taught me most of what I know about sewing before I can even remember learning it, and she’s taught me the rest along the way. 

I’ve dabbled in many things in my life, and I love that all of them have led me right back here – to a home studio, passing my days doing things I love .I’m a bit of a mixed bag, but what runs deepest beneath it all is that I care. I care so much, about so many things. I’m excited about Jackfruit, about making beautiful garments that I love and then sending them out into the world, scared about what the future holds for this planet we call home, and worried about all the creatures living here that can’t speak up for themselves. I want to contribute and do everything in my personal power to help. 

Jackfruit is just me now, from designs and sewing, to packing and emails, so please understand that if I'm not always immediately available I'm probably juggling a few things. I love hearing from our customers though, so feel free to drop me a DM anytime! 

Get to know more about what we're doing and why here or see our FAQs.