To put it simply - Do your best. Be kind. Have fun.

Be kind to others, but also to yourself, and have as much fun as you can while you're at it.

Regardless of your religion or spirituality we can all agree that this is the one life we get to experience in this body, and it's too short to avoid going to the beach because you don't think your body is "ready for summer". It's a body, it's ready. Swim your little heart out, and do all of the other things that make your heart sing too. 

Warning. I'm about to get political.

Let's be real, capitalism sucks and is as unethical and unsustainable as it gets. Society also deems that we must wear clothing. Dilemma ensues.

Considering this, you could say f**k it, and buy your clothes from the big chain stores, though I'm guessing that the only reason you would do that is pricing. It's not like they last a long time, are made particularly well, or fit like they're made for you... Right?

I'm a firm believer in making the world a better place and doing everything we can as individuals, but I also believe that people in power need to have our best interests at heart. Which means looking after workers (wages and safety being the minimum), and consideration for the only planet we call home.

What's currently legal is baffling to me, so if you forget your keep cup or your shopping bags when you're out getting groceries, or you have to buy something from Kfart because your income won't allow you to get it from an independent business... I'm here to say: don't beat yourself up. The biggest change is going to come from lawmaking, so vote for the people and parties that best represent the future you want to see happen.

All this being said, my garments are also an option. If you like what you see here and my pricing is accessible to you (I do offer alternative payment services, but please use them responsibly) then I'd love to have you as a customer. I really do put my all into my designs and I love them sharing them with people, and I truly believe you will love them too.

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