Custom Sizing

Whether you require a size outside of our current range or further customisation options, we offer custom sizing so that everyone can get their perfect fit.

Extra customisation options for bralettes include:

12mm or 19mm wide straps
Clasp-less back
Dart-less cup (ideal for small cup sizes A-B)
Maternity clips (only available with 19mm wide straps)

If there are other changes you would like send us an email and we will see what we can do.

Custom sizing starts at $25 (in addition to the cost of the garment) for drafting of your initial pattern. Subsequent orders from your personalised pattern will be $10 (in addition to the cost of the garment). This fee covers time spent drafting up a pattern to your requirements, dyeing fabric, changing threads on all of our machines, and setting aside time from our normal production to sew up your piece.

Contact us to place a custom order or to discuss your options.

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