You are the captain of your fate, and the master of your destiny 🖖

The new way of ordering your fav Jackfruits is here. I have rebuilt the website so that it's easier to see what's available, and then tweak it to your heart's desire 🥰

Briefly (😉) you can now shop the briefs by waist height (low, mid or high rise) and then choose between a lower cut or higher cut leg.

For bralettes we have the OG, low, high, or longline. Not to mention other new options! Crops, boxers, and a notes section on each product page (for requests or for you to provide more information about your size and fit preferences).

This was a massive undertaking and I really appreciate your patience and support as I transition Jackfruit to a new place.

If you ever have any questions, need further customisation options added or want to provide feedback, please get in touch. I can only do what I do because of awesome people who care, just like you 😍

So much love,

Charada xx