If you've ordered recently you would have noticed we have finally made the transition to our new fabric - Lenzing TENCEL™ Modal milled in Melbourne! A fabric that allows us to add sustainable to our ethical, aligning more fully with our values. 

So, what is this fabric and why are we so excited? Lenzing produce their TENCEL™ fibres in a closed loop system. Meaning that the chemicals used to process the wood into pulp which can be spun into a yarn, are recaptured and reused. This is not an industry standard and is a major reason that bamboo and other viscose fabrics are less environmentally friendly than they first appear, and the main reason that we only to use Lenzing fibres going forward. 

What Lenzing say about their TENCEL™ Modal yarn:

"TENCEL™ Modal fibers are excellent in terms of color and shine and are extremely gentle on the skin. They have a high degree of flexibility and are known for their exceptional softness. Mixed with other fibers, TENCEL™ modal fibers increase the overall comfort of textiles."

The new fabric is slightly lighter in weight than our original bamboo, and it's softer and even more luxurious. It also dyes beautifully! It's a blend of 90% modal and 10% elastane, making for a highly breathable, light and stretchy fabric. I can't wait for you to feel it!

If you would like to read more about the fabric and Lenzing's sustainability you can access their brochure for their TENCEL™ range here