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Afterpay is now available

This will make it easier for more of you to take advantage of our bulk sets. Saving yourselves money, and also reducing the amount of packaging and shipping required = lessing the environmental impact of online shopping. 

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How to measure your body to use our size guide + for custom sizing

We want you to feel confident choosing items from our range, and one way to help you do this is by providing a size guide. We know from experience however, that taking your own measurements can be a challenge, and incorrect measurements = incorrect sizing. We will also need your measurements if you're ordering custom sizes, and we're hoping this guide will help! Ideally you will have someone who can help you. If not, read on, as we have some tips for taking your own measurements. Please measure yourself carefully, and keep in mind there are no returns or exchanges on underwear or sale items.  What you will need: Pen and paper, or a note taking app on your phone A soft measuring...

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